Tips To Look Perfect When Photographed

The following tips can also be used as a guide for your model photos to look perfect when photographed:

Facing to the right

A U.S. study conducted by Wake Forest University found that the left side of the face is more attractive than the right. Apparently, the left side shows a lot more emotion. So, to get a picture perfect face, menolehlah slightly to the right to show the "best" you. It also can help give the illusion of a slimmer face for those who have a round face.

Choose makeup carefully

For the perfect performance-ready photo, make sure you avoid bouncing or foundations that made mineral containing titanium dioxide (pigment reflective) in high numbers. Although the foundation for glowing appearance everyday, camera flash can quickly change your dewy skin becomes pale as a ghost when white light bouncing back from the camera.

Highlight your best features

To look glamorous in the photo, make sure you confirm your favorite features to make it stand out in the photo. Try playing with eyeliner or false eyelashes. Or, slumbering lips with brightly colored lipstick. Do not forget, highlight the best shape of your body with clothing that supports the body's shape and color.

Do not look into the lens

No one wanted her eyes look red or half closed as it will damage the image, so make sure you avoid this by focusing the eyes slightly up or down the lens. Look directly into the lens can cause light illuminates the retina, which can make the effects of red-eye or red eye. Looking slightly away from the camera will also reduce the risk for half the flash when photographed.

Avoid red eye photo

Your eyes can appear red because of the reflection of light from the back of the eye. You have large pupils are more prone to get the problem. If you look away from the camera does not work, another way to reduce red-eye effect is make sure the photo was taken in a well lit room or see a bright light just before the shooting to make pupilmu shrink.

Avoid appears to have chins

There is nothing worse than to see a picture of you with chins. But unfortunately this often happens to us. To avoid the appearance of chins in the photo, make sure the camera is above or at eye level. And also try to highlight a slight cock of the head and a bit of jaw - you might have to train it first in front of the mirror to still look natural!

Avoid direct light

Maybe we can not always be set up lighting for photo shoots and, unless you happen to be a professional model, most likely you will not be helped by someone to make sure the right light in the shooting. However, it is important to remember that direct light from above can cause shadows on the face and accentuate shadows under the eyes. Choose a place with soft lighting or shade when outdoors.

Posing like a pro

If you're posing for a photo on the whole body, try a classic style celebrity by turning your body three quarters of the camera, with one shoulder closer to the camera and one foot in front of the other. This will make your body look slimmer than if you're facing the camera directly. Try to keep your back straight with your shoulders back and hold to the back of the abdomen (but not too bloated as it might seem far-fetched).

Master the perfect smile

Many of us focus on the mouth when smiling, but, to borrow a phrase from supermodel Tyra Banks, the most important is "smize or smiling with your eyes (smile with your eyes). Rather than forcing a smile, think of something that makes you happy to get a smile more natural. You also might want to enhance your smile itself in order to highlight your strong suit. example, radiant smile will look very good for people with immaculate teeth, while a more relaxed half-smile will make small eyes appear larger and fuller looking lips.

Practice posemu

If you really want perfect pictures, the best thing you can do is to practice first. Practice facial expressions and body angle, smile and different facial expressions to find what can make you look stunning, both in front of the mirror or the camera itself. Once you find the look you like, you're ready to use it andalanmu pose in every photo opportunity, make sure you always look perfect.

Best Lens You Have The Obligation

50mm Lens : Lens with a focal length of 50mm is popular among photographers for viewing in its focus area is roughly equal to what you see with your own eyes. There is no distortion (curvature resulting from the photos due to the curvature of the lens) such as ultra wide lens and no compression as a telephoto lens. Therefore, a 50mm lens should not be regarded as an "honest" or the image produced by the lens looks similar to what is seen by the eye.

When buying a DSLR camera, most novice photographer will take pictures with the kit lens or standard lens luggage until they will realize how useful a 50mm lens with a wide aperture to produce stunning photos, so a 50mm lens is one of the must-have by photographer.

Here are the reasons why every photographer should have a 50mm lens:

1. Field of view lens is almost the same as the area of ​​the eye
Almost all lenses produce some form of distortion in an image, in contrast to a 50mm lens that minimizes distortion and produce a result similar to what is seen by the eye, 50mm lens mimics the human eye view of the area and will be translated into your photo. This is why some people call sebalagi called "normal lens." When combined with a good photographic techniques, you can produce images that seems real with your current actual shooting.

2. Optical lens better
Basically, the photographer has a lot of things into consideration when choosing lenses, including but not limited to; speeds, optical, and price. Optics from a 50mm lens is often much better than the zoom lens at the same price. Prime lens (no zoom lens, only has one focal length) have parts that move less than zoom lens so that the optical lens manufacturer can use a better (sharper images) and offer lower prices.

3. Reasonably priced 50mm lens
Some 50mm lens has a fairly cheap price as the price for a Canon 50mm f1.8 lens which revolves around the price of 800 thousand-an (dollars, check prices). If you want a lens with a higher level of quality, you have to spend millions of dollars more to get it. The lens is a lens that is highly sought after Panasonic / Leica 25mm F1.4 that cost around 8 million's of dollars. In general, the lens aperture required is approximately f1.8, Canon 50mm f1.8 so fitting for you who have a limited budget but want to produce amazing photos.

Tips to Get Photo Bokeh

Bokeh comes from the Japanese word boke (ボケ) which means blur (blurred). Bokeh is a subtle blur effect or soft focus in the background when photographing an object (the main focus sharply on objects as its background blur or become blurred).

Here are tips to get bokeh photo with DSLR camera:

Use Aperture Priority mode (Av) or Manual mode (M) to select the desired aperture.

Choose the settings of the largest aperture of the lens (figure f / x the smallest, the smaller the number of f / x the aperture the greater).

Note the distance between the camera and the object image. The closer the camera is to the object of his photos then the background blur (bokeh).

Choose a focal length lengsa the longest. With the longest focal length to separate the object image with its background. Example: when you use a 55-250mm zoom lens, focal length 250mm choose to get better bokeh.

Use the prime lens (prime lens or fixed lens). Prime lens is a lens with a single focal length lens with no zoom alias that can produce a sharper picture and better its optical quality of the lens zoom. Prime lenses usually have a larger aperture that is used to produce good bokeh (eg 50mm f/1.8 lens).